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Douglas Clark, MD

After graduating from medical school on a military scholarship in 1977, I pursued my heart's desire (pun intended) to become a cardiologist. I soon learned this field of study was not broad enough, so I entered active duty Air Force at a small hospital in the English countryside. It was there I met my wife and fell in love with family medicine. While medicine has changed much in recent years, I still find joy and stimulation in helping families, from newborns to the elderly. Until November of 2009, I maintained a low risk obstetrical practice and have never gotten over the miracle of birth. I am actively involved in my local church and spend time each year in local and overseas medical missions. I have been a member of the Mountain View Medical Group Board of Directors for many years, and I'm excited by its vision and commitment to quality medicine.

Dr. Doug Clark practices at the Powers Family Practice office at Powers Blvd. and Stetson Hills Blvd. in Colorado Springs

Dr. Douglas Clark

Family Practice

University of Colorado

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